TOI states CAB is ‘flawed’,

TOI states CAB is ‘flawed’,

Citizenship Bill to be tabled in Parliament now’reports Hindu, adding that’it’s facing resistance’. Express elaborates further in’CAB at House Shah may announce relief for Manipur’, including’the authorities is said to have worked out’alternative arrangements’ to adapt Manipur’s concerns’, which will be announced in Parliament Monday.

TOI frames it differently –‘Heated debate likely as LS to vote today citizenship Bill’, composing the invoice has’sharply divided opinion’.

Express reports –‘Her village at Unnao swarming with police, rape victim set afire is buried’ and elaborates on how’more than 48 hours later she died from burns sustained in an attack…Unnao rape victim was buried in a farm owned by her family’.

Newspapers take a speech by PM Modi delivered at DGP/IGP summit in Pune. HT and TOI report on Modi talking about how the authorities must’ensure girls feel safe’ (HT), while Express reports that the PM’emphasized on the need to get an image makeover to the police so that it inspires confidence among all departments, including women and kids’.


TOI: Calling the Citizen Amendment Bill’flawed’, TOI claims that the government can expect’stormy weather both inside and outside. The opposition parties will emphasize that the CAB undermines the principle of secularism in awarding citizenship’.

It believes that the government may also expect to see’stiff resistance’. Assam accord, which fixed 24 since the date is — also contradicted by the cut-off date — 31 December 2014 of the CAB.

The silver lining, according to the paper, is that the bill is not likely to survive before the Supreme Court as it violates Article 14, which grants equality before the law and Article 15, which prohibits discrimination on grounds of religion, it concludes.

HT: Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman’s speech in the Hindustan Times leadership summit suggests guarded approach. She suggested that simplifying the tax regime of India controlling tax officials from harassing companies and maintaining a watch on the crisis of finance businesses are the steps that the government is choosing to revive growth.

HT indicates that revival can not be sustained by going back into the pre-2008 era. India must attain a huge infrastructure drive — that requires an overhaul of institutions. The government needs to fulfill its revenue promises on the GST leading.

The newspaper also says that the government should function as a pragmatic believer of growth, and the measures will require a mix of structural reforms policy, and out-of-the-box thinking. HT considers that the remarks of Sitharaman suggest’that there’s hope on these fronts’.

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