Largest Hong Kong protest in weeks signals more unrest in 2020

Largest Hong Kong protest in weeks signals more unrest in 2020

Hong Kong: Hong Kong saw its biggest demonstration in months Sunday, signaling more unrest to emerge in 2020 since shows its staying power.

Thousands and thousands of demonstrators flooded the city’s major downtown boulevards, lots of waving U.S. flags, singing’Glory to Hong Kong’ and chanting’Five requirements, not one ‘ The protests were largely peaceful throughout the day at nighttime tensions arose between riot police and some radical demonstrators. Some protesters also called for interrupting the commute Monday morning.

The rally was the first organized by the Civil Human Rights Front to acquire police approval since August, prompting many Hong Kongers who normally wouldn’t danger joining an illegal assembly to reach on the streets.

The organizer said about 800,000 were in the rally, while police estimated 183,000 were in the peak of this protest. Last month, the show of force follows a landslide victory for pro-democracy forces in elections.

‘Yet another breathtaking display of Hong Kongers’ political might,’ said Sunday, a pro-democracy lawmaker who joined the march, Claudia Mo. ‘we will soldier on, By now it’s obvious the Hong Kong battle will go on,’ she said. ‘This will last for the generations to come.’

Hong Kong’s leader endorsed by Chinese President Xi Jinping, carrie Lam, has refused to give into demands such as purposeful elections to the leading political positions of the city and an independent inquiry into police violence. Support that was popular has been maintained by the demonstrations even as the economy has slid into a recession.

‘Should Carrie Lam or the Beijing regime continue to ignore the outcry, Hong Kongers will continue to withstand the authorities by calm and not-so-peaceful way,’ said Fernando Cheung.

Mass Marches

The protesters have sought to stress the government with a combination of calm mass marches, such as the one on Sunday afternoon; and even much more actions like vandalizing mainland-linked companies shutting transport networks down and seizing universities. Police have made more than 6,000 arrests, while coming under fire for abuses in trying to include the demonstrations.

Earlier on Sunday, authorities said they detained seizing bullet-proof coats, a pistol batons and pepper spray from the raid. They suspected an’extreme’ group of individuals would try to assault police or’create chaos’ during the rally.

While the protest was peaceful, the police said early Monday that some had blocked spray-painted walls of the High Court streets in the night and stores in the Causeway Bay shopping district,’severely challenging the spirit of this rule of law’

‘We are very nervous,’ senior superintendent in the Organized Crime Triad Bureau, Li Kwai Wah, told reporters.

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